Riot Act

57 – As The Snowballs Fall in Hell: The Return of Tool

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420,681,600 seconds. 7,011,360 minutes. 116,856 hours. 4869 days. Or as most people put it, 13 years. Finally, after a lot of waiting (and a lot of pointless maths) Tool’s new album, Fear Inoculum, is here and we’re about to review the s**t out of it! Strap in for over an hour of analysis on one of the most anticipated records of the decade. 

There are other albums out this week too including new releases by Hugar, Entombed A.D. and Black Futures. Plus, there’s a discussion over the controversial Die Antwoord video that has surfaced from backstage of a festival in 2012, whihc has resulted in the South African hip-hop duo being dropped from a number of festivals, including Life is Beautiful, Louder Than Life and Riot Fest. 

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