Riot Act

41 – I Can’t Stick Up For Big Balls

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There are new songs by Tool (and, since recording, a release date for their new album of August 30th) but Steve and Remfry don’t wanna listen to no shitty phone recording fool! All the same, they find reason to talk about it cause ya know … Tool!

They also review new albums by Employed to Serve, The Get Up Kids and We Never Learned to Live as well as having a discussion around the new Amon Amarth album and their proclamation that they would like to take the heavy metal baton once the Metallicas and Iron Maidens of the world croak … but are they capable of doing so?

All this plus possibly the most acerbic trade-off of them all as two titans of rock go head to head in the form of AC/DC … and Reel Big Fish. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap goes up against We’re Not Happy Til You’re Not Happy, an album that lives up to its title by not making Stephen Hill happy. Warning: features fudge eating.

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