Riot Act

27 - Get a Neck You Sad Little Goat


27 - Get a Neck You Sad Little Goat

Artwork by    @jpchamberlain93

Artwork by @jpchamberlain93

After nearly coming to blows the Riot Act chaps are both up for a ruck again this week as they review the surprise new covers album by Weezer. Which is either a genuinely brilliant piece of marketing, if you believe Remfry, or a cynical, stinking waste of everyone’s time, according to Steve. There are also reviews on the new albums from Bring Me The Horizon, Ithaca and Spielbergs, a Trade Off between Cult Leader’s A Patient Man and Favez’s From Lausanne, Switzerland and a whole load of live reviews courtesy of Fucked Up, Boss Keloid, Mastodon and Sick Of It All.

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