Riot Act

182 – Deluxe Editions of Classic Albums (Part 1)

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Welcome to another episode of Riot Act, where Steve and Remfry have had a slightly quieter week than the uncharacteristically busy start to the year that 2022 has thus far brought.

Still, there’s been plenty going on, with one of the most talked about Super Bowl halftime shows ever from Dr Dre and Co., Ed Sheeran and Cradle of Filth discussing their odd but inevitable collaboration, a surprise pair of Nine Inch Nails shows being announced in the UK and Remfry going out to Dapper Laughs’ (yes really) old stomping ground of the Clapham Grand to see Frank Turner. Turner’s latest album, which could well be number one in the UK album charts this weekend, and the new record from And So I Watch You From Afar are also discussed. Plus we look at a pair of deluxe re-releases from a pair of classic records that actually prove to be far more than just a cynical cash in, courtesy of Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American and Therapy?’s Infernal Love.

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