Riot Act

180 – One Album Wonders (Part I)

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Hello you! You’re about to listen to Riot Act, your favourite weekly music podcast. Steve and Remfry are here once again, and this week they are celebrating those one album wonder bands by picking a pair of long lost but exceptional records that represent the only full lengths released by their creators. Both Sona Fariq and Man Will Surrender might have only given us one album (THANKS WARNER!) but as you’ll hear, what great albums they were. We also namecheck some similar artists that you suggested to us on our social media as well. Because we’re nice!

We also look at the latest releases from Nordic Giants, Maverick Sabre and El Moono, chat about the recent live shows we witnessed from Turnstile and Zetra, say farewell to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and speak some more about the car crash that is Spotify right now.

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