Riot Act

171 – A Storm in a Pee Cup

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It’s time for your weekly dose of alternative music news and opinions from us here at Riot Act. Steve and Remfry discuss t-shirts and slippers (not sure why) before we talk about what could be the biggest week of new releases this year. Mainly courtesy of the new album from Adele, obvs.

We then get into a news story that maybe shouldn’t be that big, but seems to have taken on a life of its own over the last week, the performance from Brass Against at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Florida, which featured lead vocalist Sophia Urista… ummm… was caught short onstage and… errrr… relieved herself on a willing volunteer. We look at the event, the fall out, the outraged response and ask, really, is it that big a deal? We also asked our followers on Twitter what the most unusual thing they had ever seen during a gig was, which provoked some eye opening, and watering, anecdotes. All of which seem far more shocking than the events of the weekend, and include on stage curries, naked crowd surfing, prosthetic limb throwing, djent knitting and a bloke in a wedding dress who looks like Charlotte Church.

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