Riot Act

168 – Q&A#3

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It’s been a busy week for both Steve and Remfry this week, both of our hosts have been beavering around looking for new music, and give you a comprehensive rundown of what’s out this week before discussing Sir Paul McCartney’s recent declaration that he will no longer be signing autographs for fans. The former Beatle instead will be happy to “Share stories” with anyone who comes across his path instead, it’s a lovely sentiment, but does Sir Paul really have the time to go through that whole “We were in India and Prudence Farrow wouldn’t come out of her room…” thing again and again?! He’s nearly 80 for Christ sake!

We here at Riot Act do have time to share stories though, and, armed with a series of your questions from Twitter, we set about discussing an Indie Download (won’t happen), would we now review a Pet Shop Boys album (We would), would Dave Grohl have ended up writing songs for Nirvana (Probably, just not straight away) and what the problem with Tom Hardy and Ted Lasso is (Silly voice and unrealistic penalties respectively).

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