Riot Act

167 – B-Sides, Bloodstock and Brown Sugar

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This week’s Riot Act is brought to you by the letter B! Steve and Remfry take a look at the news this week, that has been dominated by some rather unsavory attitudes coming from the Bloodstock Festival camp, as well as looking at The Rolling Stones decision to retire one of their biggest ever songs, Brown Sugar, from their live set.

After the serious stuff is dealt with we move on to looking at the long forgotten art of the B-Side. What happened to them? What makes a good one? Who are the best at writing them? What exactly and specifically denotes something as being a B-Side? And, most importantly of all, in this digital streaming age, does the humble B-Side even exist anymore? We’ve picked 6 from the vaults to discuss that run the gamut of quality, as well as getting your thoughts on all of the above.

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