Riot Act

154 – Alexis Marshall, Erdve, Descendents and Lower Automation

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The heatwave continues but it won’t deter Steve or Remfry from reviewing the latest releases from the world of alternative music. In the news, we discover that Steve won’t have to get a tattoo of Corey Taylor on his face (boooo) all thanks to the Mercury Music Prize nominations, as good a reason to dislike awards shows as you could imagine. And there’s some good news in the UK as MPs finally acknowledge that musicians may not be getting paid their fair share of streaming royalties.

Albums reviewed this week include House of Lull, House of When by Alexis Marshall, Savigaila by Erdve, 9th and Walnut by Descendents and the self-titled full length album from Lower Automation. Oh and Remfry just about sneaks in a review of the Mastodon Live at the Georgia Aquarium livestream as well.

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