Riot Act

153 – Q&A#2

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Steve would like to personally apologise to you all (individually) because he assured us last week that ‘it’ was coming home. Due to circumstances completely beyond his or Riot Act’s control, ‘it’ didn’t come home. But, nevertheless, he’s on hand to divulge his post-match analysis all the same for you lucky lucky people … joy!

It’s pretty thin on the ground for albums this week and it’s been a solid 18 months since we’ve done a Q&A so … whether you want it or not, here’s Q&A#2. Find out the shocking truth about Steve’s secret Shikari addiction, the revelation that Remfry might not think Kanye is total balls and the question that’s been on the lips of the entire music industry … do the Riot Act lads fake their orgasms?

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