Riot Act

144 – Bob Vylan, Genesis Owusu, Youth Code & King Yosef and Ben Howard

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Steve let’s his love for Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore be known in a very unorthodox way and seems intent on bringing the weird perversion up frequently on this week’s show. Remfry, no stranger to wild perversions himself, respects Steve’s life choices, but wants no part of it. 

Thank the God of synth-pop then that there’s plenty to talk about on this week’s show otherwise we’d be stuck in an eternal shitstorm loop. We discuss award show politics and ponder how an artist who has released just one single in the past 12 months can win Best International Female Solo Artist over someone who, in the same period has released three full-length albums all of which have gone to #1 in the UK Charts. Similar pondering occurs over Rage Against the Machine and Iron Maiden still not being deemed worthy entrants to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame … although we’re less fussed about it than the internet seems to be. Plus we discuss Die Antwoord’s removal from ALT+LDN festival and what (if any) implications that has for festival bookings in the future. Oh and listening to heavy metal makes you fat … apparently. 

In terms of reviews, it’s our first catch-up show of 2021, as we dissect releases from bands we missed including Bob Vylan’s We Live Here, For Your Health’s In Spite Of, Genesis Owusu’s Smiling With No Teeth, Youth Code & King Yosef’s collaborative effort A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression, Ben Howard’s Collections From the White Out and Kauan’s Ice Fleet. 

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