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Meshuggah – Immutable

Welcome to another Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry look at one of the top new releases from the alternative music world. On this episode we are going to be speaking about Immutable, the brand new album from Swedish tech-metal pioneers Meshuggah.

Meshuggah are one of the most important bands in modern metal, pioneering a sound that has been ripped off and copied by all manner of chancers in the djent scene over the years, but the last couple of releases the band have put out, 2012’s Koloss and 2016’s The Violent Sleep of Reason, maybe didn’t hit the same heights as their classic material. It’s hard to know what exactly you should want or expect from a new Meshuggah album here in 2022, they’ve done so much to further the genre, but they have planted their sonic flag in the ground so deep that what they do is pretty rigid at this point. Can it ever inspire the same level of jaw-dropping that they did when they rewrote the rule book? Do they need to reinvent the wheel? Where does Immutable sit within their stellar back catalogue? We’ll answer all of these questions, and more, here.

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187 – Charli XCX, Weezer, Animals as Leaders and Helpless

Cover your mouths and don’t get too close to Remfry! Riot Act is here again, but poor Remmers is still suffering from the deadly COVID. Steve is fine, although he is pretty certain he’s going to get it in the next few days, so something to look forward to next week.

We’ve managed to cast our ears over the latest releases from Charli XCX, Weezer, Animals As Leaders and Helpless, plus we talk about a whole bunch of recent events involving Ghost and Maneskin impressively taking even broader steps into the mainstream, Standon Calling’s gender balanced festival bill and Aaron Lewis from Staind TELLING IT HOW IT IS! FINALLY! What a divvy.

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Placebo – Never Let Me Go

Hello there, it’s another Riot Act Reviews innit, the podcast where Steve and Remfry cast their beady eyes over a brand new release. On this episode we are looking at the 8th studio album by glam-alt-rock-cult legends Placebo; Never Let Me Go.

It’s been 9 years since we got a full length album from the band, but Placebo have been more than active over the last decade, and it appears we have found the band in a very good place. Never Let Me Go is full of all of the idiosyncratic things that make Placebo Placebo; Brian Molko’s instantly recognisable vocals, and lyrics, the glammy, electro stomp of the band all laced with their trademark acerbic bite. But there is a lot more to the record than just their classic sound, with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Franz Ferdinand and… er… All Saints being mentioned in our review. Does it work? Well, you’ll have to listen now to find out won’t you!

Placebo – Beautiful James (Official Visualiser)

Placebo – Surrounded By Spies (Official Visualiser)

Placebo – Happy Birthday In The Sky (Official Visualiser)

Placebo – Try Better Next Time (Official Visualiser)

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Soul Glo – Diaspora Problems

Welcome back to another Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry hone in on an upcoming album and give you their thoughts. This week we are looking at Diaspora Problems, the 4th studio album from Pennsylvanian hardcore punks Soul Glo.

They might not be a massive name at present, but this is a band with some serious ambition, and this, their first album on Epitaph Records, looks set to be one of the most essential releases in heavy music in 2022. Quite how we describe this is a fairly exhaustive task, because there is a hell of a lot going on here, reference points from hardcore include Beastie Boys, Bad Brains and Dead Kennedys, in hip hop we could mention Scarlxrd, clipping. or Three Six Mafia and there is even some Rage Against The Machine or System of a Down style metal in here as well. Essentially, if you’re a fan of forward thinking, manic and untamed music with ideas spewing out from every direction then you might want to listen to this record. We go mad for it, we’re pretty sure you will too.

Pre order Diaspora Problems because trust us … you’re gonna wanna hear this

Soul Glo – “Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))”

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186 – Bad Movies, Great Soundtracks

It’s another stacked week here at Riot Act Towers. Steve and Remfry have been busying themselves with a whole host of things; watching Gang Of Youths blow the roof off at Brixton Academy, reviewing new albums from Cypress Hill, Feeder and Gloson, chewing the fat over news about Dolly Parton, The Rolling Stones and Jack White and picking one fantastic soundtrack each from a terrible movie.

Yes, while The Crow: City of Angels and Batman Forever were both pretty crud, the soundtrack that accompanied them were both full of some of our favourite artists doing some legit bangers. Korn, Nick Cave, Deftones, Sunny Day Real Estate, Massive Attack, U2, Hole, White Zombie, Bush, Filter, Method Man, Seal and PJ Harvey (twice) are just some of the artists featured over these two corking soundtracks.

Rioteers Review

RR45 Terrorvision – Regular Urban Survivors

(Originally released over on 8th October 2020)

Remfry is beyond excited as he and Steve discuss ‘the best band of the 1990s®’ according to EVERYONE WHO IS SANE … Terrorvision, and their 1996, 3rd full-length album Regular Urban Survivors. As suggested by absolute ruddy bloody legends Doug Rae and Wayne Mcwilliam, Regular Urban Survivors was the follow-up to the hugely successful How To Make Friends and Influence People, an album that yielded 5 singles and reached no #18 on the UK Albums Chart. Regular Urban Survivors managed 4 singles, (Easy, Bad Actress, Celebrity Hit List and Perseverance) but reached no #8 in the charts, the highest position for a Terrorvision album. The downfall (and the dire Tequila) were to come but at this point, Terrorvision were a very big deal, playing 4th down on the ’96 Reading Festival line-up beneath Offspring, The Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine.


Riot Act

185 – Kojey Radical, Drug Church, Ho99o9 and the new video from Rammstein

This week is chock-a-block with news, from Sergio Vega announcing that he’s left Deftones (some time ago as it transpires) to The Prodigy announcing their first tour since the tragic death of the twisted firestarter himself Keith Flint. Then there’s the intriguing idea behind Arcade Fire distributing the sheet music for their new songs across a bunch of collectible postcards, as well as the potentially worrisome news that Bandcamp have been bought out by Epic Games, the videogame and software developer behind the likes of Fortnite, the Unreal engine and Rocket League (although, let’s not start bemoaning the death of bandcamp JUST yet eh?). Oh and on top of all that, Rammstein sent the internet into a spin by premiering the video for new single Zeit.

As well as all that, Steve and Remfry find the time to fit in reviews of the new records from Kojey Radical, Drug Church and Ho99o9, plus they talk about their little adventure down to Kingston-upon-Thames to watch the utterly brilliant Biffy Clyro smash a (broadly) acoustic set.

NPR Feature: A Tale of Two Ecosystems: On Bancamp, Spotify and the Wide-Open Future

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Ghost – Impera

Welcome to another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where we review a new massive album. This is a massively massive album as well, as we discuss Impera, the brand new album from Swedish occult-metal-superstars-in-waiting Ghost and the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2018 effort Prequelle.

Ghost have pretty much become one of the few great hopes for metal in the mainstream over the last decade and with this album and their upcoming arena shows in the UK (including a stop at London’s famous O2) it seems that they are very close to reaching the summit of their ambitions. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers for this album but blimey it’s a MAD listen this! Taking all of Ghost’s most bombastic, OTT, wild flights of fancy and cranking them all up to 11venty stupid, Impera is the sort of album that used to turn rock bands into megastars back in the day. It’s been true for a while, but it is very, very clear at this point that Ghost have got their eyes on the prize. Does that mean that the songs here are actually any good though? Well, have a listen and we’ll let you know…

Fancy coming together for Lucifer’s Son? Click on the link yo …

Ghost – Hunter’s Moon (Official Music Video)

Ghost – Call Me Little Sunshine (Official Music Video)

Ghost – Twenties (Official Lyric Video)

Riot Act

184 – Studio 666 and Bands that make Movies

It’s that time again, Riot Act is here, your weekly look at the world of music, and it’s been an incredibly eventful one don’t you know! On this week’s show Steve and Remfry have been to the movies (sort of) they both watched the brand new Foo Fighters film Studio 666 where the alt rock megastars take on some demonic force in their recording studio. It is a mad enough idea, but is it any good you ask?! Well, we’ll be more than prepared to tell you, whilst also having a quick trawl through the archives of other similar films starring bands, from Eminem to The Spice Girls, Michael Jackson turning into a spaceship to Kiss meeting the Phantom of the park, we look at the bizarre history of band movies.

We also discuss the latest album releases from Tears For Fears, Sylvaine and Beachheads, review a varied set of gigs from the Rolo Tomassi, Pupil Slicer and Heriot triple header, Nordic Giants ambitiously cinematic show and Dave’s triumphant O2 spectacular and talk about new music… sort of, from those greedy buggers Tool!

Riot Act Reviews – This World is Going to Ruin You

It’s time for another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry give you their opinion on a brand new album that is about to drop on the unsuspecting music world. On this show we are talking about the second album from Boston hardcore newcomers, (previously Vein) The World Is Going To Ruin You. have been seriously hyped from the hardcore underworld for a good few years now, but their last album Errorzone put a few noses out of joint when they added a little touch of, gasp!, nu-metal to their sound back in 2018. So a few Mystic Meg’s are assuming that TWIGTRY is going to lean in even further on more mainstream sounds and turn into the next big rock band. Well, more fool you for doubting them, as this is a spectacular 180 degree turn from the band back to the heaviest and most extreme elements of their sound, with a whole new bunch of stuff chucked in their to fuck with you as well. Good news if you like your music to be extreme, but, obviously that doesn’t strictly mean that it’s any good does it. So, listen here to see what we think of it… I mean… we’ve already made it pretty obvious haven’t we. But, listen all the same please.

Like the sound of an album trying to murder you? Why not pre-order This World is Going to Ruin You? – The Killing Womb (Official Video) – Wavery (Official Video)